Route de Préchac sur l'Adour, 32160, PLAISANCE du GERS


6 March 2001

Candidates for membership of the shooting club in Plaisance du Gers assemble at the town hall in order to create an association of sporting shooters. Of all those consulted, 97 were interested and gave their support to the project.

The inaugural General Assembly is chaired by the two initiators of the project, Gérard DUCASSE et Michel HOREM.

The president of the French Shooting Federation and the president of the Midi Pyrenees League give their recommendations for the project to proceed given its geographical location relative to other shooting ranges in the Midi Pyrenees and Aquitaine regions.

Land is allocated and the City Council gives the go-ahead for the project and for the purchase of land.

A schedule of initial works is drawn up for the period April 2001 to September 2002.

An association is created under the name Plaisance Tir Sportif. A Board of Directors is elected, headed by Gérard Ducasse with Michel Horem as co-chairman.

The statutes are approved on the 10th of April 2001, the Club is registered with the Gers  prefecture in Mirande on the 12th of April 2001 and appears in the official gazette of the French Republic (Journal Officiel de la République Française) on the 19th of May 2001.

13 December 2003

The club joins the French Archery Federation (Fédération Française de Tir à l'Arc).

15 September 2006

Application is made on the 18th of February 2000 to the Fond Régional des Petits Equipements des Clubs which allocates grants within the region.  The sum of € 2,075.00 is requested for the purchase of archery equipment and an air pistol at a cost of € 1245.00. (2005 allocation = € 451.00).  Departmental subsidy request (C.N.D.S.) submitted on 13/05/2006.

An application was made for a grant from the town, but the deputy mayor explained that it was difficult for small communities such as Plaisance du Gers to subsidise the construction of a shooting range on the scale of the one we were building.  Not to mention the possibility of objections regarding the use of the space and the resultant potential increase in traffic.  We are therefore asked to make good use of the stand so that any objectors can see that their money is being put to good use.

Many calls from shooters awaiting the opening of the 25m range to train and to justify their possession of firearms with the authorities.

7 July 2007

Status of ongoing work is as follows:

- "The barn" is converted into two rooms:

A meeting room and a well-equipped kitchen.

A storage room for miscellaneous equipment.


- The 25 m stand is nearly finished and will be able to be used from the beginning of August 2007.  The visit of the National Technical Directorate (DTN) of the French Shooting Federation (F.F.Tir) in May of this year is successful: when the works are fully completed we will receive preliminary approval.

- The 10m range and the clubhouse. The services of the company SARRADE are retained having submitted a successful quote of €62,000.  The works committee manages to reduce this sum by €25,000 following their decision to use club members aided by municipal workers to put up the metal framework, roof, cladding and ceiling.

- Archery Range: a closed and covered training area will be constructed to the right of the 25m range instead of the steel target pistol range originally planned.

Completion of works is scheduled for 2008.

20 June 2008

Works on the 25m and 50m ranges reach completion.  The two ranges are ready for use and are already being utilised.

Work is now scheduled to begin on the 10m range, the clubhouse and lavatories. 

In addition, work is now ready to begin on the covered archery range.  A 3-D archery range will also be set up on the site.  It may appear that the works have taken a long time but it is worth pointing out that 90% of the construction has been carried out by unpaid volunteers working in their spare time.


4 September 2009

Three ranges (10m, 25m et 50m) are completed and operational.  The 100m range and the archery range are planned for this year.  These works are being carried out solely by members of the club and other volunteers working in their spare time.


17 September 2010

The 100m range has been modified so that archers can train in the covered area.  It is also planned to convert the land to the south of the range in the near future so as to allow archers to shoot at all regulation distances.