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The new rules for 2017-2018 and the Manual of Discovery of Sports Shooting can be downloaded below. Please scroll down to the bottom to find them.

A huge thank you to Rod Haselden-Nicholls for kindly doing the English translations

Club members include: Club licensees and “second club licensees”. Minors must provide permission from a parent or the legal guardian before their registration.
The number of members is limited to 350 (firearms and archers included). Beyond this number, applicants are placed on a waiting list until a position is vacated.
The first issue of a sports shooting license is subject to the production of a medical certificate attesting the absence of contra-indications to the practice of shooting sports. It must be paid for at registration and renewed by October 31 of the current year. After this date, the member is considered to have resigned. The Board of Administration may refuse the registration of any person with a criminal record or having reported behaviour that is incompatible with the attendance at a shooting range. No reason for the decision is required.
Access to the stand is strictly restricted to members who have paid their subscriptions for the sports year and subject to the signing of these rules, as well as to shooters who have been permitted to shoot by the Association on that same day only. Access to the Club is forbidden to all persons outside the Club who are not accompanied by a member of the Club carrying an up-to-date membership.
The stand is freely accessible (except with good reason) to the members every day between 8am and 8pm in the summer and 9am and 7pm in winter. An entry key is given to each member against a deposit determined by the Board of Administration The entrance gate is also equipped with a digital code whose code, changed each year, will be communicated during the delivery of the license of the current year. The key must be returned to the Club in case of departure from the Club or loss of membership.
The key must never be duplicated or loaned to a non-member of the Club. It is likewise forbidden to communicate the code. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a sanction that may go as far as exclusion.
Each licensee is required to close the entrance gate after each pass.
During days of meetings or competitions organized by the Club, the shooting ranges are accessible only to competitors. Non-competitors will, of course, be able to spectate from behind the barriers.
Minors, licensed or not, can only have access accompanied by a licenced adult, except for shooting school courses. They cannot hold an entry key.
As part of the activities of the shooting school, any driver carrying one or more pupils free-of-charge will have to make sure that his car insurance contract covers injury and material damage likely to affect the persons transported as well as the goods of the third parties transported and to be in possession of the written permission of the parents or the legal guardian of the children transported.
Access to the stand is prohibited to anyone under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of narcotics. Anyone caught in default will be immediately expelled and removed from the Club without compensation.
Persons from outside the Club accompanying a member of the Club are placed under the responsibility of the latter. In order to avoid any abuse, access to the facilities by a stranger to the Club must remain exceptional and each member must remain vigilant about this (insurance).
Any remarks or racist or homophobic attitudes are forbidden. A courteous, respectful and responsible attitude and is required between each member. Any discourteous remarks, verbal or physical aggression may lead to the exclusion of the originator(s).
The amount of the subscription is fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting based on a proposal by the members of the Bureau.

The weapons of the types used in sports disciplines recognized by the ISSF are, subject to availability, available to members during the opening hours of the facilities from an official designated by the Board of Directors. Their loan must imperatively be recorded on the dedicated register. Only members of the Bureau and the Board of Directors have access to these weapons.
Only personal weapons meeting the above-mentioned criteria are allowed. Compliance may be verified by any member of the Bureau.
The use of firearms, rifles or pistols is forbidden to any 9-year-old, unless under the supervision of a responsible adult, who is himself a member of the Club and is up-to-date with his contributions, or of a Club monitor.
 All weapons loaned by the Club must be transported inside the stand, in a briefcase or a box, made secure and unloaded. Air-guns must have the cargo trough open for all air-rifles and air or gas pistols, barrel directed to the ceiling and provided with a security flag.
The weapons and ammunition, and archery bows and any associated equipment lent by the Club are under the responsibility of the user, of whom the Club can ask for a payment in the case of a deterioration or damage, voluntary or not.
It is recalled that handguns must be transported between the shooter's home and the stand, made secure, dismantled or equipped with a trigger guard lock, in a key-lockable case, the ammunition being transported separately. If traveling by car, all must be placed in the locked trunk. (According to the indications of the law on the transport of weapons held for sporting purposes which have been included in the instructions of the French Shooting Federation). The owner must be able to present his authorization and purchase invoice whenever required by law enforcement or customs.
All rim-fire or center-fire rifles must be equipped with a trigger guard lock or disassembled, with all elementsplaced in a suitable carrying case.
Any weapon whose possession is not authorised due to its classification or illegal trigger mechanism is prohibited. Any user of an unortherised type of weapon is exposed to immediate exclusion and without appeal, without prejudging the administrative and judicial sanctions that may result from his violation of the law.

The competition licenses of FFTir or FFTA, valid from September 1st to August 31st of the sports year, include an insurance which covers all the risks related to the normal exercise of Sport shooting. Any member, who has not renewed his license on the expiry date, is no longer insured and therefore cannot use the facilities of the Club.
Accidents that may occur as a result of the use of unauthorised or clandestine weapons would fully engage the responsibility of the shooter or owner of that weapon.

All shooting operations (training and competition) will respect the rules of the French Shooting Federation (FFTir) and the French Archery Federation (FFTA).
A Shooting Marshal is present every Sunday during opening hours. He is responsible for enforcing these Regulations and the safety rules. He can also intervene on weekdays in all circumstances.
When a shooter, firing on the 25 meter range, wants to shoot using high power cartridges (caliber higher than 38 special), he must first, as a courtesy and security measure, notify the other shooters. It is the same with the 50 meter range for any caliber higher than .22LR or historic weapons using black powder. Large caliber shooting must be done, except by exception, at the 100 meter range.
Shooting sessions at the Shooting School are organized by a Club Instructor. No session can be initiated with minors unless at least two adults are present.
Shooters must, at the end of the shooting session, help with the cleaning of the shooting range and complete the attendance book.
Security must be the concern of every member at all times. In particular, the weapon must permanently have its barrel directed towards the targets and must not be manipulated under any circumstances if a shooter is beyond the firing point and, even more so, at the targets. Everyone, even if he is not part of the management team, must report a shooter in violation of security rules. Security is everyone's business and no-one can escape it.
Between each firing pass, when the weapon is placed on the table, it must be empty, magazine removed, bolt open, cylinder dropped, depending on the type of weapon, and a security flag introduced into the chamber, passing out through the muzzle for air guns.
The facilities were built and are maintained by volunteer members who devote their leisure time. Each member is obliged to respect their work, in particular by making sure not to commit acts of degradation or vandalism, and to take maximum care during their use. Any voluntary or negligent degradation is subject to the provisions of Article XVII.
Each shooter must at the end of his shooting session:
•    Make the weapon secure, remove the magazine and empty it if necessary,
•    Check visually the presence of a cartridge in the chamber or cylinder,
•    Disassemble his weapon to make it impossible to be fired immediately or insert a trigger guard lock,
•    Store his weapon in its case and close it with keys (the ammunition being kept apart).

License-holders are required, during the period of validity of the license, to undertake at least six practice-sessions. These sessions are recorded in the attendance book. The Association is indeed a Sports Shooting society and should in no way serve as a cover for a possession of weapons not held for this purpose.
In addition, it is recalled that the Law imposes on each shooter or prospective owner of weapons for sports purposes (Decree No. 98-1148 of 16 December 1998):
•    To be in possession of a shooting log “Carnet de Tir” published by the FFTir
•     To participate in at least three controlled shooting sessions in a calendar year, (each session must be a minimum of two months apart), in the presence a designated Club official, who dates, completes and affixes his signature and the stamp of the Club in the “Control de Tir” Register and on the “Carnet de Tir” of the shooter.
Shooters, who do not comply with the two conditions set out above, will be served with an unfavourable notice on the green sheet (Advance Notice) required for applications for the acquisition or renewal of Category B weapon(s) for sporting purposes.
In addition, any new member who requests a “Carnet de Tir' must first complete the questionnaire, published by the FFTir, which examines his motivation, his knowledge of the practice of sport shooting, security and the constitutive elements of the weapon, adjustments to it, as well as the rules for transport.
NB: The Law requires each holder or prospective owner of a classified weapon to be in possession of a strong-box (safe) or strong-cupboard (secure gun cupboard) at his residence and to provide proof of this to the services of the prefectural authority.

It is strictly forbidden:
•    To smoke on and near the shooting range or to consume alcohol or drugs.
•    To circulate in the stand with a loaded weapon.
•    To load his weapon or magazine anywhere other than at the shoting point, in particular at the tables behind the firing point. Loading must be carried out facing the targets and after making sure that no-one is in front of the firing point. This rule also applies to historic black powder weapons.
•    Point the barrel of his weapon, even unloaded, anywhere but at the firing point and only in the direction of the targets.
•    To shoot at anything other than the targets or use human-shaped targets.
•    To shoot a large-caliber weapon outside the designated locations.
•    To shoot with a firearm at the air-gun/pistol range.
•    Touching the weapon of another shooter without their permission.
•    To shoot at an angle (diagonally) or to use the same target for several shooters.
•    To occupy a shooting position without using a weapon.
•    To go towards the targets without having made sure that all the shooters have finished their shooting and have made their weapons secure and inserted a security flag. He must announce his intention aloud and with an intelligible voice.
•    Loading of black powder weapons on the stand using a powder flask or horn. Pre-measured charges of powder (often known as cartridges) must be used and loaded away from the shooting table.
•    To intervene on the electrical installations of the Club.
•    To handle weapons away from the stands, i.e. in the car parks or the Clubhouse.
Given the current context, the facilities are placed under video surveillance. Each member, occasional user or intruder is thus likely to be filmed. Membership of the Club and the signing of these rules of procedure implies recognition of these provisions.

During shooting, the wearing of effective hearing protection system is mandatory.
Wearing goggles is highly recommended for shooters of modern firearms and mandatory for black powder gun shooters. The club cannot be held responsible for any breach of these guidelines.
It is strongly recommended before shooting or after each "abnormal" shot that the weapon is checked visually (the weapon is not loaded) and that the barrel is not obstructed (foreign body or projectile), either of which could have the effect of causing an explosion of the weapon and cause injury to oneself or others.
On arrival at the firing point, the shooter must only take his weapon from its case or gun-bag at the firing point, in front of the targets after making sure that no-one is in front of the shooting line.
In the event of a shooting incident during a competition or when a shooter is not alone in the shooting range, the shooter in question must inform the shooting marshal by raising his hand while holding the weapon with his other hand pointed towards the targets.
Non-shooters must stand behind the barrier.
Under no circumstances should a loaded weapon be left at the firing point; it must always be held, pointed in the direction of the targets.

Ammunition, cardboard, targets, weapons and various shooting accessories may be made available to members by the Club. They must participate in the expenses incurred by the Club by paying a sum (fixed by the Bureau) for the use of these materials.
For all federal championships and competitions, the entry fees are the responsibility of the Club. Each member is encouraged to participate in competitions, sporting events and championships organized by or in which the Club participates. Competition participation is, however, not an obligation.
The Club declines any responsibility for accidents caused by the members or visiting shooters to the Club as a result of non-observation of the different texts governing Sports shooting or the non-respect of the provisions defined by the present rules of procedure.

To access the facilities, each member must wear his shooting license in a visible manner and be able to present his membership card to the Association at the request of the shooting commissioner or a member of the Bureau or the Board of Directors under penalty of immediate removal from the shooting range.
Access to shooting ranges dedicated to firearms is strictly prohibited to children under 9 years. They must stand behind the barrier in the public area and will be the full responsibility of the adult accompanying them.

Only weapons conforming to the current rules of the disciplines proposed by the FFTir may be fired at a distance of 10 meters.
Access to the 10 meter range is forbidden to students of the Shooting School who are not accompanied by a Club Instructor.
Any dangerous and repeated behaviour of a student of the Shooting School will be sanctioned by his definitive exclusion from the Club, without compensation (it will be notified to the parents or to the legal representatives, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt). In addition, any child leaving the shooting range for any reason before the end of the shooting session will no longer be under the responsibility of the Club.
All shooting sessions organized with minors must be conducted by at least two adults.

The carrying of the weapon in a "holster", or any other system making it possible to fix it to a part of the body or to conceal it, as well as bandoliers supplied with live ammunition, is prohibited.
Access to the 25 meter range is strictly forbidden for children under 9 years old. They must stand behind the barrier in the public area and will be under the full responsibility of the adult accompanying them.
This booth is reserved for handguns, for precision or speed shooting under the rules of the FFTir. All non-compliant volley shooting, riposte or other, is prohibited.
Shotgun shooting is totally forbidden in the 25m stand.

Only 22LR weapons conforming to the current rules of the disciplines proposed by the FFTir may be fired at a distance of 50 meters on the target boxes reserved for competitors.
Only shooting at cardboard targets, to the exclusion of all others, is allowed for any type of weapon.
This booth, normally reserved for 22 caliber weapons, can however be used for historic weapons whose disciplines are shot at this distance. It may exceptionally be used for setting or presetting large caliber weapons on days when the 100m stand is being used by archers. In these cases, users of these categories of weapons may only do so provided that they do not interfere with other shooters (22 LR or the 10m range) and after informing them of their intention.
This range is reserved for precision or speed shooting under FFTir rules. Any volley shooting, riposte (in particular with the automatic pistols higher than 22LR) or another form of shooting is forbidden.

This range is common to the Firearms and Archery sections. A fair distribution is made between its two activities and made known to the members by notices; everyone is bound to respect this.
This range is open to all large caliber, repeating or semi-automatic weapons. It is strictly prohibited to automatic weapons whose firing mechanism is prohibited or any weapon with an illegal firing mechanism.
Shooting at metal silhouettes is reserved for 22LR caliber.
Shooting must exclusively be done, for obvious security reasons, at paper target or at target game (clay pigeon) that may be provided by the Club. All shooting at improvised metal targets, cans or other, is totally forbidden. Firearm shooting is strictly forbidden from the archers' shooting line (because of the possibility of shooting over the hillocks). It is imperative to respect the shooting locations (no shooting at the end of the table, for example).

Registration to the Club is subject to the issuance of a certificate of non-contra-indication to the practice of archery by his doctor or a medical specialist in sports medicine (mandatory for children). For upgrades, the signature of a federal doctor is mandatory.
During the course of training sessions, an archer can be designated as a formation and in turn, as shooting director. His role will be to ensure the safety of the shooting range and to settle the various equipment incidents inherent in the practice of archery. All the archers present, even of higher level, will have to respect his shooting orders. His instructions may be taken at any time by the person in charge or by an initiator.
Archers must respect certain safety rules issued by the FFTA and the most basic of which are listed below:
•    Alcohol and any illegal substance are strictly forbidden on the shooting line.
•    On the shooting line, all the archers stand on one line.
•    Never point a bow with or without an arrow towards a person.
•    Never touch or surprise an archer in his shooting position.
•    Never notch an arrow before all the other archers have returned to the shooting line.
•    Never shoot an arrow vertically.
•    Never shoot with damaged eauipment (bow, string, arrow, ...).
•    Never draw a bow, even without an arrow, other than on the shooting line.
•    Never stand behind the arrows when an archer removes them from the target.
•    Check that nobody is behind the notches before removing the arrows.
•    Never pass in front of a line of armed archers or even step forward to recover an arrow, for example.
•    At the end of his shots, withdraw a few steps back from the line of fire.
•    During the arming phase, the arrow must not exceed the horizontal.
Before each shooting session in the100 meter range, the safety net must be set up in order to protect the gate and removed at the end.
Access to the shooting range is allowed to all archers who are members of the club and up-to-date with their subscription and license.
Parents accompanying their children as well as anyone outside the club are not allowed to park within the perimeter of the shooting range but only in the designated area provided for this purpose.
No one may invite a third person who is not a member of the Club to practise archery without the authorization of the president.

What to do in the event of an accident or if you feel unwell:
•    Call the emergency services by dialing 18 (fire brigade) or 15 (SAMU), indicating the location of the accident or illness, the causes and the apparent injuries. Respond calmly to the questions that are asked by your interlocutor; it is necessary to be clear, brief and precise. These questions may seem like a waste of time, but actually make responding easier.
•    If possible, do not leave the injured or sick person alone.
•    Immediately notify the President or one of his authorized representatives (whose names and telephone numbers are posted on the stand).

These rules apply to all members of the Shooting Club and to occasional users who are required to comply with it. Joining Plaisance Tir Sportif implies their unqualified acceptance.
Each member of the Bureau or the Board of Directors, whatever their level of responsibility, must enforce these rules of procedure to the letter.
Any shooter who does not respect the intervention of a person in charge, shooting commissioner, initiator, member of the Bureau or of the Board of Directors in charge of enforcing these Club Rules, will be subject to penalties up to and including exclusion.

Club membership is lost:
1.    By resignation or non-payment of the membership fee.
2.    By expulsion for serious misbehaviours, including:
Causing damage
Attendance at the range under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Offensive remarks or attitude against an officer or other member of the club
Propagation of news that may be harmful to the Plaisance Tir Sportif
Incorrect attitude in the stand or its buildings 
Dangerous attitude or non-respect of safety instructions
Failure to respect the rules of procedure
Irregularity or cheating in the practice of shooting (contests, cups, selections, matches, championships, etc)
Touching the weapons, ammunition or equipment of a shooter without his authorization (even if these weapons, ammunition or equipment belong to the Club)
Voluntarily shoot at any other objective other than his properly placed target
Embezzlement or squandering of Club property
Engage in any trade or trafficking within the ranges
Introduction, use or sale of a prohibited or undeclared weapon in Club facilities
Duplication of the access key or giving it to a non-member, thus putting security at risk.  Divulging the entry code.
Degradation to facilities, voluntarily or due to negligence
Refusal to submit to the rules of FFTir or FFTA
For any serious reason that has led to the exclusion from a sports section 
3.    For serious reasons leading to the exclusion from a sports section:
The expulsion is pronounced by the Board of Directors; the member concerned having been previously called upon to provide explanations before the said Board meeting.
The exclusion is served by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt signed by the President. The date of the letter is the effective date of the exclusion. The resigned or excluded person loses his membership of the Club. The facilities and premises remain closed to him. He cannot claim compensation or reimbursement of the remaining period in the current year.
The expulsion of an active member dismissed from the Club will be immediately reported to the FFTir who will be informed of the reasons justifying it.
In the event of a dispute concerning matters not provided for in these rules of procedure, the Board of Directors may take any measures adapted to the situation.
The Board of Directors may refuse access to the facilities to any person with a criminal record or having demonstrated behaviour that is incompatible with the discipline.
All members acknowledge having understood the provisions listed above.
The Bureau has the power, at any time, to modify, as it deems necessary, the present regulations which will be made known to all the members.
These regulations may appear very restrictive but shooting is a sport that, because of the use of weapons, can be dangerous if it is not rigorously supervised and practised with rigor. It is in the interest and for the security of everyone to apply them to the letter.

Done at Plaisance on October 1, 2017.

PTS Règlement intérieur 2017 2018

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Manual of Discovery of Sports Shooting

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