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Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find the downloadable 2018-2019 timetable for the controlled shooting sessions (stamp days) and Rod Haselden-Nicholls' translation of the FF Tir - Questionnaire de Contrôle de Connaissances (FFTir Knowledge Questionnaire) and the Délivrance et Validation du Carnet de Tir (Issuance and Validation of the Carnet de Tir)

The shooting attendance record card (carnet de tir), must be carried (along with your other authorisation documents) whenever transporting a category 1 or category 4 weapon.

Over the course of a year, the shooter must participate in at least three supervised shooting practice sessions.  These sessions must be spaced at least two months apart.

To participate in a supervised target practice session, the shooter must be in possession of a valid license and the shooting record card.

If the licensee holds permits for guns in both first and fourth categories, shooting must be carried out with a category 1 weapon.  If the shooter's own arm is not used, then the alternative weapon must have the same characteristics as the one(s) held by the shooter.

The shooting session must take place in a registered gun club (as defined in the Decree 93-110 dated 09/03/93), under the control of the Club President or his nominee (preferably someone with either a state or federal diploma or alternatively a registered competition judge).

A list of individuals authorised to supervise the controlled shooting practice sessions must be posted on the club noticeboard.

Shooting Procedure

Paper, metal, or clay targets may be used on which at least 40 shots must be taken under the supervision of the authorised person.  Once the session is completed, the control officer validates the record card with their name, signature, date, and club stamp and completes the entry in the club register.  This register contains the names and addresses of everyone who has participated in a controlled shooting practice session must be kept at the club at all times so that it is available upon request to the relevant authorities.

Participation in any official FFTir (French Shooting Federation) competition or championship may be counted as a supervised shooting practice session and the record card may therefore be stamped, subject to the above conditions being met.

calendrier 2018/2019 contrôle de tir

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Télécharger - Delivrance et validation du carnet de tir.pdf

Issuance and Validation of Carnet de Tir

Télécharger - Issuance and Validation of the Carnet de Tir.pdf

Questionnaire Controle de Connaissances

Télécharger - FFTir - Questionnaire de Controle de Connaissances.pdf

FFTir Knowledge Questionnaire

Télécharger - FFTir Knowledge Questionnaire.pdf


Télécharger - Seances de tirs de controle.pdf

English version
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