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Controlled Shooting Sessions

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find the following downloadable Documents, (translated from French):

- 2019-2020 timetable for the Controlled Shooting Sessions (stamp days)

- Guidance Notes for Controlled Shooting Sessions

- Translation of the FFTir Knowledge Questionnaire

- Issuance and Validation of the Carnet de Tir

The text of the FFTir Controlled Shooting Sessions

The "Carnet de Tir", accompanied by other documents of title, is obligatory for any transport of a category B weapon.

The shooter must, during the year, participate in at least three Controlled Shooting Sessions. These sessions must be spaced by at least two months apart. To participate in a Controlled Shooting Session, the shooter must be in possession of his valid license and Carnet de Tir.

When the licensee possesses category B and C weapons, the Controlled Shooting Session is practised with a category B weapon. The weapon used during the session must have the same characteristics as the one(s) held by the shooter.

The Controlled Shooting Session will be carried out in a declared stand (definition of the stands declared: decree 93-110 of 3/09/93), under the control of the president of the Club or a person designated by him (preferably among the State or Federal graduates as well as Club officials).

The list of persons authorized to validate the Controlled Shooting Sessions will be made known to the shooters by posting them on the Club's regulation board in the stand.

Shooting modalities

  • Shooting on paper targets, metal targets or clay: 40 shots minimum will be made on the corresponding targets under the control of the authorized person.

  • Once the session is finished, the Controller validates the Carnet de Tir by entering his name, his signature, the date, the stamp of the Club and fills the daily register. This register, indicating the name, first name and domicile of any person participating in a Controlled Shooting Session, remains permanently on the stand and must be able to be presented at any request of the competent authorities.

Any participation in a championship or an official competition organized under the control of the FFTir may give rise to the validation of the Carnet de Tir, subject to fulfilling the conditions defined in paragraph 2.3.


Télécharger - TS - CdT - Calendrier 2019-2020 latest.pdf


Télécharger - TS - CdT - Delivrance et Validation du Carnet de Tir - ver3.pdf

English version

Télécharger - TS - CdT - Issuance and Validation of the Carnet de Tir - ver2.pdf


Télécharger - TS - CdT - Questionnaire de Contrôle de Connaissances.pdf

English version

Télécharger - TS - CdT - Questionnaire of Safety Knowledge.pdf


Télécharger - TS - CdT - Séances de tirs de controle - FFTir texte.pdf

English version with PTS Notes

Télécharger - TS - CdT - Controlled Shooting Sessions - FFTir Text and PTS Notes.pdf