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This is a full description of the shooting ranges and their disciplines at Plaisance Tir Sportif

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Plaisance Tir Sportif and its Disciplines

Are you a member or want to become one? You want to know the disciplines that you can practise as soon as you are registered with the PTS?

Let's visit each range and see what can be practised there:

 I - 10 Meter Range

This range is exclusively reserved for air weapons and totally prohibited to firearms.
Firing at 10 meters is shot with airguns while standing. It is an excellent initiation before an orientation towards the other disciplines and should be practised by all shooters.

Shooting at 10 meters allows you to learn about the parts of the weapon (different sighting devices, trigger, breech, etc.), ballistics (trajectory of a projectile) and aspects of safety (firing range, control principles, weapons handling, etc.).

It is a very demanding discipline.

PTS regularly organises competitions or meetings, friendly interclub events, departmental championships, Shooting schools or Handisport.

1-1. Air Pistol 10m

The 10m pistol is shot with weapons weighing 1.500 kg maximum, with a minimum weight of 500g and shooting a single lead pellet at a specific target (the 10 ring has a diameter of 11.5 mm).

A match consists (after 15 mins of test shots) of 60 shots in 1 hour 30 mins for men and 40 shots in 1 hour for women.

1-2. Air Rifle 10 m

The weapons must not weigh more than 5.500 kg, without a double step trigger, and with respect for strict dimensional and technical rules. The "10m rifle" target 10 ring has a diameter of 5 mm.

No special dress is required, however shooters often wear very specific and sophisticated outfits (jackets, trousers, shoes, gloves) (see photograph).

- Match for women: 40 shots in 50 minutes

- Senior match: 60 shots in 1 hour

- Cadets / Juniors / Women: 40 shots in 1 hour 15 minutes

- Cadets / Juniors / Seniors: 60 shots in 1 hour 45 minutes

1-3. Shooting school

A Shooting School operates within the P.TS. For these young people, there are competitions adapted to the age categories. Poussins, for example, can shoot with supports to help support their weapon.

- Poussins/Poussines (7 to 9 ans): 30 shots in 1 hour

- Benjamins/Benjamines (10 to 11 ans): 30 shots in 1 hour

- Minimes (12 to 13 ans): 40 coups en 1 hour 15 mins

1-4. Air Pistol 10 m - 5 shots

This discipline is shot with any 4.5 mm air or compressed gas pistol equipped with a charger that can hold 5 pellets.

This discipline is only mentioned for information as it not practised in our Club.

II - 25 Meter Range

This range is specific to the handgun and strictly forbidden to any other type of firearm.

The disciplines are either International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) or Tir aux Armes Reglementaires (TAR) or Ancient Weapons.

PTS regularly organizss competitions or meetings; friendly interclub, departmental championships in ISSF and Friendly meetings "Challenge of Musketeers" in TAR. The Ancient Weapons section is not yet very developed.

1- The ISSF disciplines:

1-1. 25 m "standard" Pistol

Weapon: pistol .22LR

Match (excluding test shots):

4 x 5 shots in 150 seconds

4 x 5 shots in 20 seconds

4 x 5 shots in 10 seconds

1-2. 25 meters Pistol

Weapon: revolver or pistol .22LR.

Match (excluding test shots)

6 “precision” series of 5 shots in 5 minutes on a C50 Precision target

6 "speed" series of 5 shots (appearance 3s, disappearance 7s per bullet) on a C50 Speed target

1-3. Central percussion pistol

Weapon: center-fire pistol or revolver

It's the same match as the 25-meter Pistol, but shooters use weapons ranging from 7.62mm (.30) to 9.65mm (.38). Only lead bullets or similar soft material are allowed and "magnum" charges are prohibited.

1-4. Pistol 25 m speed

Weapon: pistol .22 LR

Target: 5 pivoting targets C 50 speed

Match (excluding test shots):

2 sets of 5 shots in 8 seconds

2 sets of 5 shots in 6 seconds

2 sets of 5 shots in 4 seconds

This is a half-program (30 shots), for a full program that consists of a total of 60 shots (excluding test shots), so a total of 600 for a perfect match.

2 - The TAR disciplines:

These disciplines are shot with standard handguns, fixed and open sights, regulatory size between 7.62 and 11.60 mm (eg 7.62 Tokarev, 9mm para 38 special, 45 ACP, 455 Webley ...)

Bullets made of bare or epoxied lead are forbidden, only jacketed or electro-welded bullets are allowed.

2-1. Military speed

Targets used: 25 m Speed target


1 series of 5 test shots with 1 or 2 hands

2 sets of 5 matches in 20 seconds with 1 or 2 hands

2 sets of 5 matches in 10 seconds with 1 or 2 hands

2-2. Pistol and Revolver test combined


1 series of 5 test shots with 1 or 2 hands

10 shots (2 times 5 cartridges) in “Precision”, 1 handed in 7 minutes on C50 Precision target

10 shots on metal gongs 20 cm x 20 cm in “Speed”, 1 or 2 hands in 2 sets of 5 cartridges each, the first in 20 seconds and the second in 10 seconds

3 - Ancient Weapons:

For Black Powder weapons exclusively.


• Buckling (optional): Blow for "nothing" that allows to verify the operation of the weapon

• 13 balls shot in 30 minutes.

The 3 worst scores are eliminated. Result on 100 (10 best balls). A ball on a line is counted for the area in which it is most present.

Several matches are drawn under these same conditions. They take different names depending on the weapon used (drill, wheel, percussion, flint, original or copy, and ...)

3-1. - Cominazzo event

    Flintlock pistol, original or replica

3-2. Kuchenreuter test

Original percussion pistol or replica

3-2. Tanzutsu test

Original wick gun or replica

3-3. Colt Event

Original percussion revolver

3-4. Mariette test

Replica percussion revolver

III - 50 Meter Range

This range is more specifically dedicated to long weapons of .22 LR, but it also draws some disciplines of the handgun.

(It can exceptionally be fired with heavy weapons, see the Internal Regulations)

Here you can practise the disciplines ISSF, TAR or Ancient Weapons.

1 – The ISSF disciplines:

1-1 - rifle 50 m

Any rifle chambered for the 5.6mm (.22 LR) ring-type percussion cartridge is permitted.

The weapon must meet very strict rules, its weight with all the accessories used must not exceed:

8 kg for men and 6.5kg for women

The shooters, as in the 10 meters, are dressed in sophisticated, strictly regulated clothing

3 matches can be shot on the "50m rifle" target whose 10 ring has a diameter of 10, 4 mm

- Prone - 60 shots in 1 hour

- 3 x 40 for men: 120 shots: 40 in each position, kneeling, prone and standing; in 3hours 15 mins

- 3 x 20 for women: 60 shots: 20 in each position, kneeling, prone and standing; in 2 hours

1-2 - Free gun

The pistols used, caliber .22LR single shot have virtually no technical constraints.

Match consists of 60 shots in 1 hour :30 mins at a C50 Precision target.

2 - The TAR disciplines:

2-1 - Rifle event .22 LR

This discipline is shot with regulatory rifles on C50 precision:


- 5 test shots in "prone" position in 5 minutes

- 10 precision shots in "prone" position in 7 minutes

- 10 shots in a "standing" position in 5 minutes

3 - Ancient Weapons

3-1 – Handguns

3-1-1 - Donald Malson Round

Weapon: Original percussion revolver or replica

3-2 - Shoulder Weapons

3-2-1 - Hizadai Event

Weapon: Smooth wicker. "Knee to earth" position

3-2-2 - Miquelet Round

Weapon: Flintlock rifle, smooth barrel. Standing position "

3-2-3 - Tanegashima Event

Weapon: Smooth wicker. Standing position "

3-2-4 - Vetterli Event

Weapon: free. Standing position "

IV - 100 Meter Range

This range is used for "heavy caliber" weapons, silhouettes, mobile targets and for archery.

1 – The ISSF disciplines:

1-1 - Shot with metal silhouettes with .22LR rifle and pistol. The size of the silhouettes varies according to the distance and the weapon.

1-2 - Mobile target - 50 meters

Uses a "mobile target" more commonly referred to as "boar running" for .22LR only shooting as "heavy caliber" hunting weapons are too destructive.

• Weapon: rifle .22LR with magnifying rifle scope

• Travel of the target: 10 meters


30 shots at slow speed (5 seconds)

30 shots in fast speed (2.5 seconds)

2 - The TAR disciplines:

The Long Arms TAR is shot under regulation at 200 meters on target model C 200 1975 - Old Weapons type (10 diameter = 80 mm), but is fired at PTS at this distance of 100 m on target C 50 precision (10 = diameter 50 mm).

The match consists of 25 rounds, "Prone" position without support


5 test shots (5 min)

10 shots (in 2 series of 5 cartridges) in “Precision” (7 min)

10 shots (in 2 series of 5 cartridges) in “Speed” (1 min for FSA and 3 min for repetition)

4 disciplines:

  • Manual repetition weapons, original version, Category C

  • Semi-automatic weapons, original version, Category B (caliber other than .222 and .223 Remington)

  • Semi-automatic weapons, original version in .222 and .223 Remington

  • Repeting and semi-automatic weapons, modified by regulation and approved

The PTS organises the "Long Arms" round of the “Mousquetaires Challenge”

3 - Ancient weapons:

3-1 - Maximilian Trial

Weapon: Flintlock rifle or rifle, rifled barrel. "prone" position

3-2 - Mining Event (Can be shot at 100 and 200 m)

Weapon: Regulatory rifle with percussion, rifled barrel. "prone" position

3-3 - Walkicie Trial - Women's Trial

Weapon: Rifle or percussion rifle. "prone" position

3-4 - Whitworth Event

Weapon: Rifle or percussion rifle "prone" position.

4 - Archery:

This range is shared with the Archery section. The archery disciplines are described separately.

We have finished the tour of the ranges. If you want more information on the various disciplines, go to the website of the FFTIR (French Shooting Federation) where you will find everything a competitor needs to know. You will also find information on disciplines that the PTS does not currently practise .

Better still, come and meet us at the Club.

PTS et les Disciplines

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PTS and its Disciplines

Télécharger - PTS and its Disciplines.pdf

Sports Shooting Manual - English

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